We care about...

// The bigger picture

In a world that’s more and more interconnected, nothing stands on its own. Things we do now might have an impact on something completely different in 10 years. That’s why we work top down, starting at the bigger issue, and always think about what the environmental, societal, technical or strategic implications of our work are, and change course when needed.

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// Everybody

We care about people, from the shareholders to the fork lift drivers, and of course the end user. What habits do they have, what makes them happy and why do they do what they do? At Estis, we try to find out through extensive research and collaboration, incorporate our findings in every step and test our assumptions through prototyping & testing.

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human centered design

// The Cutting Edge

Innovation is in our blood. In our modern world, solving complex technical problems requires knowledge and creativity, and that’s only becoming more true as time progresses. We have a broad base of technological knowledge that we try to expand every day, and are well versed in innovation methods such as TRIZ and design thinking.

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// Close Collaboration

We are a young and passionate team. Through informal but focussed conversations and visual communication, we try to get on the same page as our client. As every problem and situation has its own unique requirements, we don’t use a cookie cutter template, but craft a tailored approach to fit the job at hand.

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Sample cases

How can a sinterklaas-gift raise
awareness about resource origins?

University of Twente // December 2016

Can high-tech drones be accessible for non-technical proffessions?

DronExpert // June 2015

Can we create a captivating analog
experience in a digital age?

Rijksmuseum // january 2017

People we have worked with

//Terms of Agreements

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Building, De Bastille, room 201