Our vision

//We believe in the future

Just like in the ages of enlightenment, we believe that the best way to achieve great results is first to develop ourselves as much possible, and then venture into the unknown. We want to know, to create, and to develop, both ourselves as the world around us. This is why we spend most of our time outside inquiries studying everything around us, from different cultures to new technologies, and pushing our own limits with personal projects, so we can be confident on the outcome of the services we offer. We strive to become polymaths, Renaissance knights of our own time. This approach combined with the relaxed, informal, and friendly environment at our studio, creates the perfect recipe for fresh ideas and solid executions.

We create the future.

Where to find us

Who are we?

Hi! We’re Wessel, Joran and Mark. In 2015 we decided with 4 other study friends to look for a challenge outside our study Industrial Design Engineering. We were all interested in entrepeneurship and solving creative problems, and a design studio was born! After one and a half year of finding out what we wanted, we decided to split, where some moved on to their next adventure, while the 3 of us went on to really commit and build on a great design agency.

//Terms of Agreements

De hems 5, Enschede
Building, De Bastille, room 201