Close Collaboration

// Structured brainstorm workshops

We have developed and extensively tested various brainstorm techniques, which are bundled in tried and tested compact workshop formats, so we can get maximum input and progress in any time given. Another benefit is that these workshops allow us to get input from multiple stakeholders, and get an insight into how their objectives are interrelated.

// In-house operation

If the situation allows it, we can even work within our client’s company, as if we are an in-house department. This way, we can closely communicate with your employees and quickly gain insight into your organisation, expertise and goals.

// Flexible organisation

Being a small firm, we are able to quickly respond to external changes, so no time or effort is wasted.

// Visual communication

We are able to present our ideas through insightful graphic design, clarifying drawings, attractive product renderings and narrative animation, which we use to bring our ideas across clearly, and can also be used to convince your stakeholders

// Design updates in AR

// Comprehensive documentation

Every stage of the process is accompanied by a clear summary pitch, a practical design report, an easy to read and share short report, digital files, technical drawings and all other relevant documentation needed to communicate with your clients, your stakeholders and within your organisation.

//Terms of Agreements

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