// Human factors engineering

Designing with a focus on cognitive psychology & physicality, thus taking into account the behavioral patterns and physical dimensions of people interacting with the product

// Interaction & Usability

We love the challenge of designing an interface in such a way that complex human-machine interaction feels simple and intuitive, even to your grandparents.

// Co-design

Through our workshops, we are able to involve your stakeholders in the process so their needs are considered as best as possible.

// Field Research

How better to find out what the needs are of your customer is to interview them, or even better, to stand in their shoes. For example, when designing a wheelchair, the best way is to try to sit in one for a week and simply take notes of your experiences.

// Prototyping & in-situ testing

The best way to find out if the proposed concept works is by creating mockups and testing them on location with the actual users.

// Culture & User Groups

Of course, nobody is the same, however there are general subcultures and values that you should cater to when designing for elderly people, immigrants, skaters or inner city yuppies.

//Context & environment

Just as important as the people using the product is the context in which it is used. A desert environment has completely different physical characteristics and psychological effects compared to a hotel room. Whenever possible, we try to visit the place where the product is used and use our experience and observations as guidelines for the process.

// Not just the end user

We look at people throughout the entire life cycle, like the factory worker, salesman and maintenance mechanic. Our aim is to improve everybody’s day, and cut cost through efficiency and less errors in the process. After all, if a human error occurs, it is usually the product or process that’s to blame

// Product styling

Good styling is not just pretty, but removes the clutter and increases comfort, insight and confidence in the user’s mindset. A well-designed product doesn’t feel like a product, but as an extension of your own abilities.

//Packaging & retail design

With every product comes a box. We have practical knowledge about the world of packaging in order to maximize the impact of your product, minimize cost and increase logistic performance.

//Terms of Agreements

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