The Cutting Edge

// Design for Manufacturing

We have extensive knowledge about modern industrial production techniques, how they work and what their limitations are. Other than that we also stay up to date with developments in the field, such as mass customisation and automation.

// Functional Engineering

With close connections to the University of Twente and a large network of academics, we have access to a broad range of experts, ranging on topics from Structural Packaging Engineering to Aerodynamics and Tribology, to whom we turn often for consult.

// Expert Network

The use stage of a finished product is just a part of its story. We think all the way from the materials sourcing to the recycling stage, and try to optimize the total impact on attributes such as cost, maintenance, environment and society.

// Research into pioneering areas

We try to keep up with advances in upcoming science and technology, such as nanotechnology, electronics, AI and biotech

// Biomimicry

Nature is the best engineer, with billions of years of evolutionary experience. Why try to think of a solution yourself, when the answer is all around you?


TRIZ is a russian innovation method based on decades of research into millions of patents to find patterns of good invention. All of us have a level 2 advanced TRIZ-user certificate pending.

//Terms of Agreements

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